Adults or children above the age of 3: 1 capsule a day.

Length of usage

No limitation. Completely safe, can be used by nursing and pregnant women.


  •  Dietetic supplements aren’t replacement for regular nutrition
  •  Recommended daily dosage shouldn’t be exceeded
  •  Keep out of reach of children

Certain groups of people are sensitive to infections of bacteria, including probiotics. Our team of physicians recommend that you consult your doctor prior to taking probiotic supplements. These are the groups of patients that should consult: patients with central artery catheter and patients who had a surgery; persons with bloody diarrhea; immune compromised and immune suppressed persons, including patients on chemotherapy and patients with allograft.

Indications and counter indications

There are no known indications and contraindications.

If Flobian® is used with antibiotics, you need to take it at least two hours prior or after the usage of antibiotics.