Male, 69 Years

3 years ago, my husband had a triple bypass surgery. Surgery went flawlessly, but when they moved him to another hospital, his medications irritated his stomach and he got chronic diarrhea for months on end. He lost over 40 lbs during this horrible period. After a while he left the hospital on his own. He got a fever immediately afterwards.

He became a shadow of his former self. Instead of resting, he was struggling daily on the toilet seat. The battle with the chronic stomach problems was endless, painful and embarrassing. I was really worried for my husband, and I was actively looking for a solution. One day, I’ve read the study of the local professor of medicine on stomach problems. I’ve went directly to him to ask him what actions can we take to end my husbands suffering. He recommended us to start with the products called Bulardi Probiotic and Flobian. Only after a couple of capsules symptoms started fading, and eventually disappearing after a few days.

Female, 36 years, administrative worker

Daily I am communicating with the patients in the local hospital and I encounter though life stories. Beside that I am a mother of 2 children, so of course I am under the stress. My problems started 6 months ago in the form of strong stomach pain, burping, the fiery feeling and strong acid. After only 2 months I’ve lost 10 lbs. I’ve lost my appetite and of course I’ve got afraid. I didn’t know what was going on! I’ve done the blood tests, everything was fine. X ray concluded that I have chronic gastritis and nervous stomach. That’s when the problems like strong bowel movement occur, followed by other stool problems. My situation kept getting worse. Than after a while I’ve started using Flobian, and only after 10 days I’ve started feeling way better. I’ve lost all hope after all the blood tests and other forms of things I’ve done. Flobian really saved me, when no one knew what was wrong with me. Thank you, once more!

Female, 54 years, office clerk

For a long number of years I’ve been suffering from constipation. Daily flatulence creates a big problem for me, it’s getting worse day by day. I’ve tried regulating my problem with rigorous nutrition regime and with various different probiotic products, to no avail. Because of constipation, my hemorrhoids got worse (I’ve done surgery on those 4 years ago). 3 months ago I’ve started taking Flobian capsules. Discharges were getting better just after a few days! I have regular stool since than. Flatulence was reduced on day 1, and I don’t have it anymore! I will keep taking Flobian Capsules.

Female, 22 years, student

A few years back, I have stomach cramps and rare stools, especially after meals. I’ve found undigested food in the stool quite often, and weight loss occurred due to frequent daily discharges. After numerous tests it was concluded that I suffer from the syndrome of “Nervous stomach” and I’ve received a therapy (probiotics, various teas, Rudacol). I’ve started taking Flobian capsules. The condition went from bad to better within days. Stool normalized after a month and I’ve regained my body weight. I kept on drinking the Flobian capsules.

Female, 39 years, salesmen

Constant diarrhea combined with high fever made me lose 15 lbs in a month. I was hospitalized and after all the diagnostics there was no apparent reason for my condition! I was treated even with antibiotics, but to no avail. After 20 days I was released from the hospital. On the recommendation of my local doctor I take Flobian and my condition is resolved after only 3 weeks. I feel good and after a while I can finally go back to work!

Male , 55 years, construction engineer.

For a long time I have disease called ulcerous colitis, which is treated at the specialist. I am constantly taking a recommended therapy. Symptoms that are bothering me are watery stools, occasional diarrhea, sometimes even blood can appear. All of that followed with flatulence and stomach pains. I feel horrible and I can’t even drink a coffee! When my problems soothed from a therapy my doctor recommended me to try Flobian capsules. I’ve been using it for three months. Afterwards three months I am taking vitamins, and I cycle like that. Personally I feel better and I can finally drink that daily coffee I adore!

Female, 76 years

15 years ago I’ve operated the tumor of uterus, followed by a chemo therapy. A couple of years back I have post radiation cycle. Paradoxal diarrhea, oozy stools, false toilet urges, urgent visits to the bathroom… As a diabetic I also have gastroenterology. I’ve started taking one capsule of Flobian a day and my problems are substantially soothed! I am still taking it after two months and I feel much better. I am not afraid of the surprise toilet panics. I plan on using it in the future.

Male, 36 years, anesthesiologist

A couple of years ago I have meteorism and frequent explosive stools. This was quite an issue for me, and represented a big problem for my job. Tests concluded that I have irritable colone. During the last year, I’ve been using various different products, but none of them helped. A little over a month ago, I’ve started using Flobian. I got better fast, I don’t have the sense of flatulence and stools are coming back to normal! I feel way better now, and I will keep using it.

Female, 58 years, doctor

Four years ago I felt first symptoms of irritable colon. I had three to four rare stools during the day, afternoon flatulence and strong pain/spasm in the lower abdominal area. Analysis didn’t show anything. My problems got worse in stressful situations, especially when I reach my office.  I’ve been using some medication with more or less effects in the therapy. A couple of months ago, during the new episode of irritable colon, I’ve found out about Flobian and I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve been using it as recommended, one capsule a day, and very quickly I felt relieved.  Stool normalized, spasms were way less frequent and considerably weaker. Flatulence disappeared completely. After applying it for more than a month, now I use it when I feel that the new “episode” is about to start. I am very pleased with Flobian and I recommend it to my patients who have stomach problems, even before the tests.

Female, 28 years, pharmacist

A couple of years ago, after a lot of stress, I’ve felt stomach pain, occasional flatulence, and rare constipation. Flatulence represented the biggest problem for me. I’ve decided to give Flobian a try! After a couple of days I felt way better. Stomach pain disappeared, as well as flatulence, but I kept using the product for next 30 days. I didn’t have constipation anymore. Since than I have occasional flatulence (stress induced) and that is considerably lower than what it used to be. When those days happen I take a couple of capsules of Flobian as a prevention to the dire condition. After this experience I recommend Flobian to all my patients who have similar problems.