Probiotic cultures Lp299v is the original, patented and examined in detail in a series of clinical trials and clinical practice.

Lp299v in Serbia can be found only in Flobian® capsules.

Flobian® is a unique product that contains probiotic culture Lp299v. This probiotic culture have found surgeons and microbiologists at the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden. It was discovered to save lives.

Clinical studies have shown that Flobian® (Lp299v) boosts protection in the walls of the intestine and increases the diversity of beneficial bacteria, and thus protects the intestines and improves the health of the whole body.


Each probiotic bacteria has its specific effect. Even within the very bacterial species there is a big difference in the way of action. Some probiotics are antagonists, and compete with each other for space, while others live in symbiosis probably each other amplifying the effect.


Choosing the right probiotic cultures is extremely complex, because the effect of probiotic bacteria causes in vitro (or in test tubes), mostly different from the results of the tests to be conducted on humans.

Therefore it is very important that during the process of ensuring the safety and efficacy of probiotics is not any shortcuts. Only clinical studies conducted on humans can confirm with certainty that the effects of probiotic bacteria has.

In order to ensure the efficiency and safety Flobian®’s a first clinical trials were conducted rigorous testing of probiotic cultures.

  • Until Today more than 130 scientific publications, including more than 40 clinical studies, which confirm the efficacy and safety of probiotic cultures Lp299v – Flobian®.
  • Today Flobian* is user very successfully all over Europe and America as a natural, completely safe and thoroughly tested.
  • It is intended primarily for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (irritable bowel) because it helps to eliminate gases, reduce bloating, relieve pain in the stomach and regulates the dynamics of bowel movements.

 *Probiotic culture Lp299v